Making a dream come true

Some months ago, I had a vision of myself standing on a stage, hand in hand with a couple of other people. We were bowing, receiving applause at the end of our performance. And that is exactly what happened yesterday, when I was invited by Seshen and Ben Gerstein to join them onstage in their performance at the Norwegian Music Academy.

I have been channeling paintings for more than two years now. Paintings I have been sharing here on this blog. But I have also “seen” them presented in a different way. I have seen them projected on huge screens in a large auditorium, accompanied by music. I have also seen myself sitting on a stage and creating paintings, during a life performance by musicians. And thanks to the duo Seshen and Ben Gerstein, this vision came to life yesterday.

Seshen and Ben create something very special together during their improvised live performances. Just being in the audience during their concerts is a deeply touching experience. The soundscape they create is unlike anything I have ever heard before, and you just know it comes from their soul. It takes you to a place deep within yourself while transporting you out into a limitless space of beingness. It challenges you and moves you. Sometimes it is barely audible, other times it literally shakes you to the core.

So when they asked me if I wanted to join them for a concert here in Oslo, I immediately said YES. What they do and who they are resonate deeply with me, and I was so overjoyed to get the chance to collaborate with these two beautiful souls.

I knew it would mean I had to work in a very different way from what I am used to. Not just in actual size, as I had to find a way to paint in a large format while sitting on the floor. It also meant that instead of simply tuning into the energies sitting in the comfort of my own room, I had to open myself up to a collective creative process in front of others. But I LOVED it! Yesterday during the concert, the act of painting in itself turned into what felt like a synchronized dance. Adding water to the paper, applying the paint, rinsing the brush, mopping up excess water – it was as if my whole being moved in response to the sounds Seshen and Ben created. The best way to describe it, was like being immersed in the flowing waters of a river. A river that kept changing direction and speed. Sometimes flowing along tranquil meadows, other times cascading down deep ravines.

I will be forever grateful to Seshen and Ben for inviting me to participate in their performance. They have literally opened up a new room for me – and in me – pushing me past some old limitations and showing me how to create as a group. I do hope I get the chance to do the same again!

Here are some photos we took after our performance and of the two paintings I made during it, including some details from them.

With eternal gratitude and JOY,

This is the painting I made during the first part of the concert.


This is the painting I made during the last part of the concert.

Detail from painting number 2.

Detail from painting number 2.

Detail from painting number 1.

Detail from painting number 1.