Celebrating seven years of gratitude – and stepping through the doors to something NEW

Dear friends!

Thanks to a beautiful reminder from Philip Wade, a Soul Brother from the “old” Pond, I realized that today is the seven-year anniversary for the birth of The manuscript of Survival. Exactly seven years ago, literally out of the blue, I received the very first installment of what would grow into a large volume of channeled messages. Messages that would change my life for ever, and they did so from the very beginning. At that time, I was a self-employed graphic designer/copywriter, but within less than an hour, I had emailed all my clients telling them I could no longer work for them. I just knew that it was time for me to step away from who I thought I was, and fully embrace ME. It was the most profoundly transformational decision I have ever taken. But it was also the easiest one.

The journey that started that morning, has been magical in every way. Challenging too, as a transformational journey always is. It has brought me to places I never thought I would see, both without and within. But most of all, it has brought the most amazing people into my life. People who have shared their journey with me, shared their challenges and their insights, their joy and their compassion, their frustration and their love.

For what started as a task of simply sitting down at my computer and opening myself up to receive the words that came, quickly grew into being about something more important: connecting people. It did not take long before the calling came to set up a blog. Not just for sharing the channeled messages, but also to create a sacred space for others to bring in their energy. And YOU came. One by one. Bringing with you your vibrant light, and sharing it freely with everyone else. This is what grew into the Pond, the online community that became an energetic one, connecting people from all over the globe. Connections that are still alive today, even though the space where we met is no longer expanding. But it is still there. 570 messages and more than 88 000 comments. Every single message I channeled, and all of the wisdom and love you shared through your words. And it is always open, welcoming those who feel called to enter, continuously offering up the light we accumulated freely to ALL. For what we have co-created, I will be eternally grateful.

In April 2015, my journey took a new direction. I was guided to step away from the Pond, to begin creating something new. This blog. What came first, was the images. The calling I was given was simply this: “give the water a voice.” And so I did, using my creative abilities and my water colours to convey energetic messages. After a while, words began to emerge again. Words to accompany the paintings, and all was to be shared with you.

Today, seven years after this part of my life journey opened up, I once again stand on the threshold of something New. It began with sharing my vision for The Open Door, the idea of creating a digital portal offering free assistance and accommodation for lightworkers on the road.

You have shown me how much this idea resonates with you, and you have responded by offering your assistance in so many ways. Creating such a digital portal is a major undertaking. But it WILL be done. By US. For that is what we are called to do now. We are asked to come together. To co-create. But also to share our gifts with each other, freely. As one of you wrote so beautifully, sharing is the “New Earth currency”. And most importantly – it is time for us to come together in person. For just as I realized that my first blog was all about connecting people, I have also come to realize that the reason we are being called to co-create a digital community, is to begin to create real one.

For years, we have all “done our job”. We have diligently processed and learned, digging deeper and deeper to embrace our true Selves. It has been a lonely journey for so many of us. But not any more. Now it is time for us to come together. To meet. Face to face. Heart to heart. To laugh and to love, to share and to finally SEE each other. And to BE there for each other. Now, more than ever.

And here we are. Just at the beginning of this magical New part of our journey. I am so grateful to BE HERE NOW. With every single one of you. I know we will rise to the challenge of co-creation. And I know we will succeed. For that is why we are here. This is what we want to DO. And BE. We are the change. We are the ones we have been waiting for. I am so looking forward to see what will be birthed through us.

I thank you all for being a part of my life, and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of yours. It will be such a blessing to get to meet even more of you in person! The process of birthing our “digital community” will still take some time. But it is beginning to take shape. I will share more along the way, and you will all have the opportunity to add your energy to it. After all, it is only through us acting as a collective we will make it come alive. It is only by choosing to come together and co-create we will give birth to the New Earth. So thank you for adding your vibrant light to this vision, and to this world!

With eternal love, light and gratitude from me,

Bente / Aisha

bente aisha