I will have an exhibition in Oslo in 2019!

Dear friends!
I am so happy and proud to announce that I will have the first exhibition ever of my work in Oslo next year. From April 27. to May 9. I will show my work at Albin Art, a small gallery situated in the centre of Oslo. The exhibition will include both my paintings and a selection of my channeled words. Some of it I have already shared here, but I will also create new works. Currently, I am working on some larger formats that hopefully will be shown at the gallery. It is a very special process creating these larger paintings. I work sitting on the floor, so painting them is very much like going into meditation.

These larger paintings are up to 46X62 cm in size.

I am so looking forward to finally having the chance to sharing my work in public like this. It will be such a wonderful opportunity to not only show it, but also talk about it with others, as I will be in the gallery myself every day during the exhibition. So if you are in Oslo at the end of April/beginning of May next year, please come by Albin Art. I would so love to see you there!
With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha