The expansion continues – Equinox message

The expansion continues,

softly rippling across your imagination.

Do not let yourself be bound

by your own thoughts.

You are far too expansive to be contained.


Dear friends! I was guided to repost a painting from 2015 to accompany this Equinox message. This painting came to me in late April that year, while I was visiting Mt Shasta. It was made with water from the Big Springs headwaters, coming from a volcanic aquifer below Mt Shasta, and it carries a powerful energetic imprint. The message I am being asked to share with all of you with this painting, is this: “Something was set into motion during that time period (April 2015) – something that is now coming full circle. This has created a so(u)lar portal, one that you are being invited to step through at this moment in time. Doing that, will initiate a full release, but also serve as an activation.”