An activation of Self

An activation of Self

brings awareness to All.

Your personal journey

is never a solitary one.

It affects the whole of Creation.

So do not dismiss

even the tiniest of insights.

It can help shift

an entire planet on its axis.

Dear friends! I know these images and words have touched many of you deeply. That became very obvious to me when I exhibited my work here in Oslo. During the exhibition, I was shown the importance of the energetic exchange between my work and the people who came to see it. It was very clear that they helped to activate something in each other, creating a whole new vibrational frequency.

I wish to initiate that same energetic co-creation and circulation here, by inviting you to comment, share the insights and reflections you get from my work. That way, the combined effect of our energies can deepen the impact we as ONE have on this world.

Another way to co-create with me is through a donation . I share my work freely, so I really appreciate it whenever I receive energetic support in the form of money. All contributions are welcome – whether they come in words or numbers!

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha/Bente 


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