Taking a quantum leap

Sometimes you just KNOW. A door opens unexpectedly, and to your surprise, you realize you are meant to enter. The moment you cross the threshold, it is as if everything falls into place. This is exactly what happened eight years ago, when I received the very first of literally hundreds of channeled messages. Messages I just knew it was my task to share with the world. And so, I simply closed down my business that same day, walked away from my old life, and began to live out that part of me I have named Aisha North.

Now the time has come for me to take a new quantum leap. One that will take me away from my hometown of Oslo and catapult me all the way to the wild and rugged west coast of Norway. There, a new door has opened unexpectedly. A door that leads to a new life, filled with so much love, joy and compassion. Eva Julia, a true soul sister, has invited me and my sister Lisbeth to join her in the haven she has created. A haven where we will share our gifts with others, so that they in turn can find their gifts and share them with the world.

Even though we will not move there full time until the first half of 2020, our collaboration has already started. And what a truly transformative experience that has been for all three of us! The pure joy and uplifting energies that come in when we immerse ourselves in true co-creation is really beyond words. The way we have been embraced by Eva Julia’s family and the people we have met at her yoga studio has lifted my heart and soul so much, I am already flying high.

Not only will we live together, we will also work together. My sister and Eva Julia work as yoga teachers, and in a few weeks from now, I will begin my training to become a Yoga Nidra teacher. Yoga Nidra is a form of deep and healing guided meditation, and this is what I will begin to share. It is a powerful tool, one that opens up a pathway to our own inner self. Through it, we can access that part of us I believe all of my channelings speak about; our own true greatness, our Creator Soul.

As the new opens, something old fades away. It feels as if the channeled words and images that have been such a huge part of my life these last few years, have taken a step back. They still come, but they come with longer intervals between them. I will of course continue to share whatever it is that comes through. But I think it will be in a very new way, merging with my new role as a Yoga Nidra teacher. Many of the messages I have already channeled, fit perfectly into the practice. And I have a feeling I will receive new ones when I start doing this work. Words that I will share during the sessions I give. So my open channel will be put to use also in the time ahead.

This is such a source of joy for me. For I have come to realize that my time sitting alone in a room to do my work is now over. A new life is opening up. One where I will be OUT THERE, amongst others, sharing my gifts in a very direct way. I first experienced this during my art exhibition back in May. But now, when the doors have opened for me to start working as a yoga teacher, I feel that even stronger. For I am definitely not here to hide my light. And now, the time has come for me to bring it even more out into the open. Both in real life, but also online. Perhaps here, or in a new space that will be created somewhere down the line. I am so looking forward to all of the magical encounters that awaits me. I hope one if them will be with you!

Thank you, my beloved sisters Lisbeth and Eva Julia! You have helped me find a new purpose and a new home, and you have given me the courage to take to my wings and fly once again. And thank you to every single one of my family and friends who have supported me all these years. Your love has been lighting my way.
With so much love and gratitude from me, Bente

This photo of me was taken on one of my first visits to what will be my new home. It is on the beach only 2 minutes walk from the house.

2 thoughts on “Taking a quantum leap

  1. Dear Bente, this news feels marvelous to me. I am delighted that your life is changing in this direction. I sense that your personal experience is indicative of the forward movement we all are or will be experiencing. Change like this can be uncomfortable for a while but the rewards are great. I very much appreciate knowing of your news. It put my own experience into a new perspective that is most encouraging. Thank you! I look forward to our collective future.

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