See through the walls of destruction

An infinite sea of wisdom is opening up

to all those yearning to see through the walls of destruction.

Hope is welling up

as we reach beyond the boundaries

of our old truths.

It is not an act of faith.

Rather, it is a knowingness.

Coming from the very core of our existence.

For underneath the shallow surface of understanding

lies a vast resource of wisdom.

One we had but forgotten,

but is now being exposed for all to see.

These are not new insights.

They are simply the compiled knowledge

from eons of collaboration.

Not just with each other, but with Creation itself.

This is what is re-emerging now,

as we have so successfully managed to  free ourselves

from our old bondage of self-delusion.

It is not the ” I” who will change the world.

It is the “we”,

as once we again remember the true art of co-creation.

A process best left to the ones

not trying to make an impression.

For it is not a task of doing.

It is a task of simply being.

A precious existence of joyful connectedness.

With one Self, and with All that is.

This is the ocean you are invited to dive fully into.

With no holds barred.


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