Your willingness to surrender

Your willingness to surrender to your Self

is what will pave the road ahead.

By not daring to face your innermost being,

you will simply prolong the ordeal.

It is the act of letting go that will simplify everything.

Smoothen all the rough edges and straighten the trajectory of your path.

Yet, so many are willing to forgo this leveling up,

as they seem to cherish being tripped up by their own volition.

You cannot force yourself to a better place.

You can only allow it to emerge,

by allowing yourself the gift of letting go.

Not of your dreams, but of your ideas on how to attain them.

Only then can they be realized as the God within you

wanted them to be all along.


This painting is from the first series I painted here in my new home on the wild and rugged west coast of Norway. The presence of the Elementals is very tangible here!

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