Creating channeled paintings has from the very beginning been a true Labour of Love for me. Being in service this way fills me with so much joy and gratitude, but none more than when I am being asked to create a personal painting for someone. It is a deeply rewarding work. Both on a spiritual level, but also on a personal one. Then, I get to connect with someone on their soul level, and I am being allowed to let the energies speak through me, directly to them. So in that sense, it is also a profound experience of co-creation, of manifesting part of someone’s Essence.


Every single time, it is different, but it is also the same. For every single time, when I open myself up to do this work, what comes through is such an overwhelming sense of love and connectedness. It is as if the Universe pours all of the love for this one person through me, sending a message that will speak to their heart and soul. It speaks to me as well, for I often find myself in tears during the creation process.

The response I get back from the recipients is always a beautiful confirmation that the message contained in these paintings is being received.

“I was speechless when I opened the package and “met” your painting- its full of warm, beautiful energies and I just didn’t know what to say but “thank you, thank you…!!”

“I’ll listen to your painting…Thank you dearest sister, this is one of the things that I appreciate the most in my life.”

“The wisdom and heart in these paintings is beyond comprehension, but the heart knows. Just to gaze on these is to go into a safe space.”

“This is such an amazing connection for me, this energy painting is magical, unique and stunningly beautiful, I shall meditate with it to guide me on my path, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your amazing skills as an artist and gifts through spiritual connection to create this work just for me, I am truly honoured and blessed, thank you Bente”

I offer these personal paintings in many different sizes, from 12,5 x 18 cm (5″x7″) and up to large formats 46 x 62 cm (18″ x 24″). All paintings are made with artist quality water colours, on 300 gr/140 lbs 100% cotton acid free water colour paper, and are shipped unframed. Prices start at 150 USD, not including P&P.

Would you like me to channel a personal painting just for you? Or do you have any questions about commissioning one? Fill out the form below, and I will email you back as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you!