Channeling these images has been a wonderful journey of discovery for me as well, for this is unlike anything I have ever created before. This time, it is all about me letting go of the need to control any part of the process, and to simply open myself up to the messages that come through me. I do not choose the colours, neither the design, and when I begin, I simply close my eyes, connect to the energies and allow them to guide me in picking out the colours that are to be used every time. For some reason, I am always guided to pick out five from the more than 50 different ones I have, and each colour is only used once in each painting.

The actual process of painting the image happens very quickly, almost in a rush, as the five separate colours are applied one after the other. I let the energies decide the sequence of the colours and the amount and “shape” of it every time, so I never know what will emerge as I begin the process.

Then comes the time for the water to have its say. After I have applied all the five colours, I start to add water to the painting, letting it flow freely over the paper so it mixes and dilutes the pigments, making the final image emerge little by little. I continue adding water until I sense it is time to stop, that is when I know the image is ready. I am usually guided to paint a series of two to five paintings using the same set of colours, and it is always very interesting to see just how different they turn out to be.

The water I use is also important, for I do not use tap water to create these images. I am always guided to collect water out in the nature, sometimes from a certain place, and sometimes at a very specific time, like during a solar eclipse or on the Equinox or Solstice. I have also been guided to collect snow and allow that to melt, and to collect rainwater. Sometimes I use the same water for several series of images, sometimes just a single one, and I always know when it is time for me to collect a new source of water to paint with. I have also been guided to bring water with me to special events, such as a ceremony or concert, in order to energize it further. I have been shown that this is an important part of the process, as the water I am supposed to use at any given time carries a specific energetic signature that conveys a vital part of the information in the image.

When I create paintings during a live event, such as the one I participated in with Seshen and Ben Gerstein, the process is a bit different. Not only do I work in a much larger format while sitting on the floor. It also means that instead of simply tuning into the energies sitting alone at home, I open myself up to the collective creative process. It turns into what feels like a synchronized dance. Adding water to the paper, choosing and applying the paint, rinsing the brush, mopping up excess water – it is as if my whole being moves in response to the energy created by the others through sound and/or movement. It is in many ways an even freer process than when I create on my own, as the number of colours or how many times I add them naturally emerges during the process.



All images © Aisha North / Bente Amundsen • All rights reserved