Expand into your own potential

The advancement of intelligence

is tearing away the misconception of lack.

You do not lack for anything on this planet.

Except for the knowledge of your own limitlessness.

Only when you let go of this self-inflicted wound,

can you fully expand into your own potential.

Then, and only then, will you also be able to perceive

the inherent potency in everything and everyone around you.

That is how infinite intelligence is brought back to this planet.

That is how life once again will flourish in this sacred space.

By you simply allowing yourself to fully BE you.


Looking for a new home – looking for a new heart

Dear friends!

“It is time for you to start painting again. Your task is to give the water a voice”. Ever since that message came loud and clear back in February 2015, I have heeded that call every time. Many paintings have come through since I sat down to channel the very first one after receiving the guidance to do so. Some of them I have shared with you here. Others have already left me to travel across the globe to a new home. The rest of them I have been asked to keep by my side. I was told the time was not yet right for them to fly out into the world. But now, the message is clear: some of them are ready to leave me.

I was guided to go through the very first paintings I made, back in the first half of 2015. It was a very emotional experience. For one by one, they emerged, the ones that are ready to step out into the world on their own. Ready to connect with their new guardian. Ready to come home to a heart that is calling for them to arrive. Ready to be there for you. I know they are so looking forward to meeting you, and to become a part of your journey. And if you invite them into your life, they will speak to you, and offer you an opportunity to see yourself in a new light.

Can you hear them calling you? Please go to my new page “Paintings for sale“. There, you will find the paintings that are ready and waiting for a new home, a new place to BE. As soon as I get the message that a new painting is ready to travel the world and connect with someone like you, I will add it to the collection on offer. They come in different sizes, with prices starting at USD 100. If any one of them speaks to you, just send me a message so we can make sure the two of you get the opportunity to connect.

If your heart is calling for a personal painting created just for you, I also do commissions. You can read more about that here.

And finally,  if you are in Oslo between April 27. and May 9. you can see a selection of my work, including some in extra-large formats, on sale at Albin Art Gallery.  I will be in the Gallery every day between 12:00 and 17:00 (16:00), and I hope I get the chance to see you there!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha


This painting is the very first one that told me it was ready to find a new home. It is from the first series of five paintings I made in February 2015. Back then, I had no idea just how to proceed or what was expected of me when I sat down to channel with colours and water. Energetically, it was an intense process, and it felt just like when I channel written messages. But as soon as I opened up for the energies and “got my mind out of the way”,  it just flowed by itself. To my amazement and delight, what emerged was unlike anything I have ever created before. You can read more about the process of painting these images here

The expansion continues – Equinox message

The expansion continues,

softly rippling across your imagination.

Do not let yourself be bound

by your own thoughts.

You are far too expansive to be contained.


Dear friends! I was guided to repost a painting from 2015 to accompany this Equinox message. This painting came to me in late April that year, while I was visiting Mt Shasta. It was made with water from the Big Springs headwaters, coming from a volcanic aquifer below Mt Shasta, and it carries a powerful energetic imprint. The message I am being asked to share with all of you with this painting, is this: “Something was set into motion during that time period (April 2015) – something that is now coming full circle. This has created a so(u)lar portal, one that you are being invited to step through at this moment in time. Doing that, will initiate a full release, but also serve as an activation.”


A manifestation of your Essence


Creating channeled paintings has from the very beginning been a true Labour of Love for me. Being in service this way fills me with so much joy and gratitude, but none more than when I am being asked to create a personal painting for someone. It is a deeply rewarding work. Both on a spiritual level, but also on a personal one. Then, I get to connect with someone on their soul level, and I am being allowed to let the energies speak through me, directly to them. So in that sense, it is also a profound experience of co-creation, of manifesting part of someone’s Essence.

Every single time, it is different, but it is also the same. For every single time, when I open myself up to do this work, what comes through is such an overwhelming sense of love and connectedness. It is as if the Universe pours all of the love for this one person through me, sending a message that will speak to their heart and soul. It speaks to me as well, for I often find myself in tears during the creation process.

I know that these painted messages touch the hearts of those that they are made for. And in return, I receive words of gratitude and love. Like these, sent me from a beautiful sister soul:

” I recently received an energy painting from Bente/Aisha, and it is amazing, She created this beautiful and highly energetic for me by focusing on my energy, in it I see the colours of healing, spirituality, a connection to the earth and passion, I also see an image of a wolf and an owl that formed when the colours followed their own path, both the wolf and the owl are spirit guides to me, this is such an amazing connection for me, this energy painting is magical, unique and stunningly beautiful, I shall meditate with it to guide me on my path, I cannot thank her enough for sharing her amazing skills as an artist and gifts through spiritual connection to create this work just for me, I am truly honoured and blessed, thank you, words do not do justice to your work, yours Angela xx”

This is for me a such deep confirmation that the work I do is helping to create change for others. In addition, channeling these personal paintings also helps to support me in my work. Everything else I do, I share freely. So the money I receive in return whenever I get a commission, is a true blessing for me. I would love to have the opportunity to create more of these personal paintings! If you feel the calling to have me channel one for you, or have any questions about commissioning one, please connect with me here. The paintings come in many sizes, with prices starting from USD 150, and I am sure we can find one that is perfect for you. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my work through the years, also those of you who already have or will do so with a donation.

With gratitude and many blessings from me,

A drop of awareness

In the twinkling of an eye,

everything changes.

The Sun lets go of her moorings

and the Earth tilts on her axis.

A beautiful transition,

not something to be dreaded.

Rather, it is the fulfillment of a dream.

For it is your intention that sets the course,

your imagination that fills the sails.

And so, you are pushing away from the known shores

and entering into the vastness of Creation.

Here, one single drop of awareness

changes everything.

You are welcome to enter

this field of dreams.

It is the most fertile of places.

But only if you continue to irrigate it

with a limitless supply of no set notions

as to how things will grow here.

For that, it is best left

to the New Seeds themselves

to decide.



Embrace your Soular journey

Embrace your Soular journey.

Let the timeless gaze of the stars

be reflected from your eyes.

The Ancient Ones have your back

as your future Selves

look to you for support.

For it is in this Now

you plot the course

and choose the trajectory

for countless generations to come.





Solstice celebration

The awareness of the ending

is cascading through our veins.

Let us rejoice!

The turning point is here.

No more waiting for the right time.

It has arrived.

Together, we stand poised

between the being and the becoming.

The still point of manifestation.

Deep down, we all know.

The old must fall away

for the New to be born.

The time has come.

A crack has opened.

The shell is splitting.

Come, let us emerge.