The Cosmic Mothers

Sacred circle.

Sacred sounds.

The Ancient Ones

are silent no more.

Emerging from

the Womb of Silence

the Standing Stones

dance back into life.

The gestation is complete.

This post is dedicated to Anja, Mei Lai and all the amazing women in Yoga Buddhi’s Explore group. You added so much wonderful energy to the water my sister brought to your latest workshop. I have used a small amount of it to create this painting for all of you. With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

Dear friends!

Today, I am officially opening my own YouTube-channel with this video I was guided to create from my latest message “My soul flows like water” . This is only the beginning of something very new for me, but what it will evolve into, I do not know yet. I simply know that NOW is the time to start it all.

I have been sharing channeled messages since 2011. It all started off with written messages, but two years ago, I was guided to begin to create and share these paintings. Recently, my work changed again. This time by introducing my own words to accompany the channeled images. I know that when the time is right – and with the help of some talented people – I will also add sound to my work. Sound that will be especially created to accompany the energies in the images.

But this is the very first step for me – making a video of my own. I want to thank Family of Light for giving me that final nudge that helped me to make this a reality. The Universe had been sending me quite a few hints already, but your beautiful message to me was the final key 🙂 I also want to thank you and everyone else who has done so much over the years to help to share my messages. Both in words, in videos, and even by translating them to your own language. Thank you all of your work, and for adding so much loving energy to these messages!
With love, light and gratitude from me,