My name is Bente Amundsen, but I am also Aisha North.  Since 2011, I have been sharing channeled information. It started out as written messages, but after almost four years of doing this work several times every single week, I was given a clear message to begin to create art. I was not surprised when I was guided specifically to get out my water colours and brushes. To me, water is a sacred substance. Not only is it a vital component of life, it is also an important carrier of information. I was told my task was to “give the water a voice”, to allow the energies in the water to interact with the energies I was channeling, and to make them visible through my creative abilities. And so began the next step of my journey as a channeler.

I do not think of this as me simply “creating art”, this has from the very beginning been a process of channeling information in the same way I do when I write it. But this time, instead of writing down the words I “hear” using the keyboard on a computer, I am using my artistic abilities to enable the water to interact with the pigments and the paper to convey an energetic message. And the process is just as intense energetically as when I channel the written messages. For I only make these images whenever I am being guided to do so, and when I open up to the energies to allow this information to come through me, it is just as powerful as when the words arrive.

This has been a wonderful journey of discovery for me as well, for this way of creating images is unlike anything I have ever done before. This is all about me letting go of the need to control any part of the process, and to simply open myself up to the messages that come through. (You can read more about how these images are created here.)

At first, I was told that the images I made this way were meant to accompany the written messages I posted on my previous blog, but during April 2015, I was told that the work I had carried out there was finished and it was time for me to step away and prepare myself for my next task. And now I know that opening up this blog was a part of this new task, so I will continue to create and to share these messages as long as I am being guided to do so.

The energies in the paintings speak for themselves, in the language of colours and shapes, light and shadow. They started out “on their own”, but more and more, words began to emerge to accompany them. The written messages are never created specifically to one painting. Rather, they simply begin to manifest, usually with just one word or a short sentence that I suddenly “hear”. Bit by bit, the whole text arrives. Sometimes over a short timespan, other times it takes several days. Only when it is complete, will I sit down and write it out.

The process of matching the words up to one of my paintings is always unique. During the process of completing the written message, or when the text is complete, I sometimes “see” one of the paintings I have already made. Then, I just know they are meant to be together. Other times, I am being guided to sit down and paint a new series of paintings after the text is finished. I usually create two to four paintings in one series, using the same five colours. Often during this process, I know before I start to work on it which one is meant to accompany the message that has just arrived.

These words and images also wanted to “come alive”, so I started to create videos from some of them. You can see them here. I have also been invited to participate in live events, like this one with Seshen and Ben Gerstein in November 2017. In April 2019, I had my very first exhibition of my work here in Oslo.

The message coming through in so much of what I share, is this: “find your gift, and share it with the world.” We are all being called to come together to create now. For that is why we are here. To co-create the world of our dreams. And just as the water needs pigments to make its voice visible, our spirits need a physical body to manifest the New Earth from all the energetic potential – the “liquid light” – that surrounds us. For only in a physical body can we truly create it all – through art, through science, through actions and through words. So open up to the messages these images and words contain, and allow them to speak to that part in you that will show you what you are here to create to help this New Earth come fully alive.

Bente Amundsen

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha North / Bente Amundsen

I share my work freely, but I hope that if my work in any way helps you on your journey, you feel like honoring it in a way that feels right for you. You can do it by helping to spread my messages or by sharing what impact my work has had on you. And if you have the financial means to do so, an energy exchange of a donation would be very welcome. If you want to bless me with a donation, you can do so via my PayPal account for donations. (You do not need to have a PayPal account to contribute.) Any amount will be greatly appreciated!

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