Water speaks

Last week, on the international World Water Day, I was invited by a friend to take part in a yoga class dedicated to water. To me, water is a sacred substance. Not only is it a vital component of life and an important carrier of information, it is also what gives life to the paintings I make. So being invited to this special yoga class was for me a wonderful way to give something back.

I always go out into Mother Nature to collect the water I use when I paint, and I was guided to do the same on that day and bring it with me. My friend is very connected to the sea, so she brought a small bottle of seawater from the Oslo fjord to be blessed during the class. Before we started, she shared a little about the sacred properties of water, and of the importance of honoring it. We were asked to connect to our selves and to the water both within and without, and to set a personal intention for the day.

For me, what came up was the word “grow”. As the class progressed, I started to realize that this was something more than just an occasion to honor the water. It was also the beginning of a new way to energize the water I use for my work. When I was guided to start to create these images, I was told it was literally to help to “give the water a voice”, by using my creative abilities to make the energies in the water visible. During the yoga class, I was shown that by bringing the water into a group of people and allow them to consciously add their energy to it, it would literally “add a new dimension”. To the water, and to the paintings.

Water is everywhere, moving across borders in a continuous cycle. Along the way, it picks up energy from everything it encounters. Even from you. Every single drop you connect with, whether you drink it, shower in it, swim in it or simply look at it, is able to receive information from you. So every time you consciously focus on the water, setting a positive intention, it will make a difference. For you, and for the world. For the water that pass by you – and through you – will continue onwards on its global journey, carrying the imprint you give it. I know that many of you already now this and act on it, but now, it is time for us all to lend the water a hand. For water speaks, and now, it wants to speak loudly of LOVE, GRATITUDE and JOY. Let us give freely of all this to the water, and to each other!


I have used some of the water we blessed during the yoga class to create a series of paintings. This is one of them.