The fluidity of grace

The fluidity of grace

is all around you.

An infinite ocean of light,

holding you aloft

in its gentle embrace.

If you so allow it.


Calling all lightworkers – an invitation to co-create

Dear friends! Something beautiful has been presented to me in a vision, and I have been given the task of sharing it with you. Because with your assistance, we can make this vision become a reality.

The first seed was sown back in late April. I had just returned from a 10 day visit to Sedona with my sister. We had been called there to take part in Sandra Walter’s Light Tribe Gathering. It was a truly transformative and empowering event. A lesson of active co-creation with a large group of beautiful souls from all over the US and countries around the world.

Back home again, I was out walking in the forest when I got a clear message to pick out my phone and to register a web domain. The name of that domain was also given to me: The Open Door. These words resonated so strongly for me, as they referred to an article Sandra Walter had shared earlier that month where she wrote “I AM the open door.”

I was also given a message as to what The Open Door was meant to be: “Create a digital portal for conscious co-creation. A space to explore and expand upon the collective creative process Sandra guided the group through during the event in Sedona. It is not to be a “my space”, in other words not a space where individuals share their personal work. It is to be a “we space” where people come together to focus their energy on defined areas/themes to make them become manifest.”

At that time, I had no clear idea as to what area/theme we would be asked to co-create. I just knew it was important for me to literally hold the space by registering the domain. During the following weeks, I almost forgot about it. Until a conversation I had with my sister a few days ago. Then everything suddenly fell into place and I knew what The Open Door was meant to be:

  • A free, searchable site, divided into countries/areas, where lightworkers who want to open their homes or provide services for other lightworkers can register as hosts, similar to a B&B or home swap site.
  • A service where no money is given in exchange for accommodation or other forms of assistance, but where we exchange services and share our gifts as “payment” for our visit.
  • A space that will help us meet in person, one-on-one and in larger groups, to forge new energetic pathways and through it, amplify and expand the global network of light.
  • A space where we can be of service to each other, so that we can all continue to be in Service to All.
  • A space that will help us transform this planet from “my space” to “our space”.

I see it as a portal for all lightworkers. A place where we can connect digitally in order to come together in person, giving us opportunities to empower each other by sharing our services and resources freely. Because that is how we can co-create New Earth Now – by meeting each other face to face to SHARE.

But in order to achieve all of this, we need to set up a fully functional website. On my own, I have neither the resources nor the technical know-how to set up such a digital platform. That is why I am sending out this invitation to you, my fellow lightworkers. I hope many of you will feel called to add your energy to this project, and help co-create it.

If this speaks to you, please go to  You can use the Contact page there to connect with me and share whatever it is you have to contribute towards making this vision come alive. I am also very grateful to anyone who can help me share this information with others out there.

My heartfelt wish is that together we will make The Open Door site a reality, so that someday soon, I can open the doors to my home and welcome you in, and you can do the same for me. Let us come together and co-create New Earth Now!

Thank you for reading – thank you for sharing!

With deep gratitude and joy,

karolina-szczur-504623-unsplashPhoto: Karolina Szczur

The Soular winds

The Soular winds

are gently, but firmly

pushing you

in the direction of Home.

Fret not,

as you are always

on the right track.

No matter how meandering

the path may seem at times.

For your homing beacon is ON,

and you will never lose sight

nor contact with your goal.

For it is, and will always be,

right here.

At the centre of your Soul.


Blossoming dynamics

The contours of Self pulsate

as the blossoming fields of dynamics

keep pushing at your boundaries.

Do not hold back the flood

of information surging through you

for it is only by letting go of expectations

you can fully surpass them.

Patterns of understanding

The continuous cycles of light

ebb and flow

creating patterns of understanding.

No one will be left untouched.

No thing will be left unattended.

Not once will you be left behind.

Because you are the vanguard

of the evolution.

Because you are the one creating the flow.

You are the Moon


Yet old.

Endlessly changing.

Yet constant.

Because of you,

entire oceans move.

Tidal waves of light

traversing the globe.

Pulled along

by your presence.

And as you glow

you show the way.

The night never too dark.

Because of you.

Letting go

Envisioning the future

while nurturing the past

will make you fall

into the cracks of time.

Let go.

Of everything.

What was.

What will be.

And as it slips away,

you emerge.

Unfettered by promises made

and grudges held,

you will finally be free.

To explore.

To expand.

To make the world itself

come alive.


Born to shine brightly

One of many,

but still unique.

That is what you are.

Cut from the same cloth as the stars.

Born to shine brightly,

even in the darkest of hours.

So do not dim your light.

It is like no other.

It is your gift.

Yours to share.

And when you do,

you help us all to grow.