Reopening old doors

Dear friends!
We are going through a deep, global transition unlike anything we have ever witnessed before. Nothing and no-one is untouched by this. Seemingly overnight life as we knew it has been replaced by chaos and confusion, fear and loss for a huge number of people. So much of what was considered an important part of our daily lives has been stripped away. Our vulnerability has become so apparent. Both on a personal and a collective level.

What will emerge out of this? What choices will we make, both in the short term and after this crisis has passed? No one knows. But I for one feel a deep sense of optimism. I see this as an opportunity for us as a global community to reassess everything. Already, Mother Earth is breathing more freely because we humans have had to cease so many of our less beneficial activities. Perhaps this will help us all to realise what life CAN be if we allow ourselves to connect to what is important. Namely our own inner Self, and through that, reestablish a much needed connection to everyone and everything around us.

If we want this world to be a better place, we must start at home. In a very literal way. And now, we have been given the opportunity to do just that – on a massive scale. But we have also been given the opportunity to experience what it is like to live life as isolated beings, with little or no physical contact with others. One way to mitigate this, is to reach out to each other like this. To create spaces where we can come together online, to share, care and uplift each other when so much of what we are exposed to elsewhere, tries to do the opposite.

In addition to opening for comments here, I have also been guided to reopen my old blog, As many of you know, that is where I for many years shared all of my channeled messages. It was also the space where The Pond was born, a community of beautiful souls who shared their insights and their love for each other in so many ways. That space has been kept open as a library for all, both the messages and the comments, but it has been closed for any new sharings since April 2015. But now, I am opening the doors again for you to come and share there as well. I do not know how much I will be able to contribute directly, but if you feel the call, I do hope you will find the time to add your light there. Together, we can remind ourselves and this world that as ONE, we will come out of this in a way that will be beneficial for ALL. Including Mother Earth herself. Thank you for being right here, right now!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha


Equinox message

The interconnectedness of All Beings

is becoming apparent as the old structures come crashing down.

Behold the beauty of your surroundings!

Mother Earth herself is breathing freer

while the doomsayers struggle for air.

Remember that the seeming chaos

is simply the birthplace of the New.

As you enter the Pause that is Equinox,

take some time to reflect on this.

For it is up to us to shine the light of freedom

on all those still blinded to their own light.


The Sword of Truth

It is not the Sword of Truth that cuts the deepest.

It is the Sword of Untruth.

Cutting you down to a size

where all you feel is your own unworthiness.

Healing the wounds from this self-inflicted pain

can only be done by the one

who gave them to you in the first place.

It is not the truth that will undo you.

It is the denial of your own immensity.

And it is only by acknowledging your own greatness

you can set yourself free.


The subtleties of information

The subtleties of information

can easily be mistaken for noise

as the undercurrents running through

your subconsciousness continue to increase.

There is no way back to the dead calm

that so many seem to seek.

For life cannot be stilled,

nor the gentle roar of awakening.

So lift your gaze,

and lift the deadening weight of self suppression

away from your mind.

Come fully awake,

and you will see that life is already

burgeoning beyond the teeming mass of denial.


Your willingness to surrender

Your willingness to surrender to your Self

is what will pave the road ahead.

By not daring to face your innermost being,

you will simply prolong the ordeal.

It is the act of letting go that will simplify everything.

Smoothen all the rough edges and straighten the trajectory of your path.

Yet, so many are willing to forgo this leveling up,

as they seem to cherish being tripped up by their own volition.

You cannot force yourself to a better place.

You can only allow it to emerge,

by allowing yourself the gift of letting go.

Not of your dreams, but of your ideas on how to attain them.

Only then can they be realized as the God within you

wanted them to be all along.


This painting is from the first series I painted here in my new home on the wild and rugged west coast of Norway. The presence of the Elementals is very tangible here!

See through the walls of destruction

An infinite sea of wisdom is opening up

to all those yearning to see through the walls of destruction.

Hope is welling up

as we reach beyond the boundaries

of our old truths.

It is not an act of faith.

Rather, it is a knowingness.

Coming from the very core of our existence.

For underneath the shallow surface of understanding

lies a vast resource of wisdom.

One we had but forgotten,

but is now being exposed for all to see.

These are not new insights.

They are simply the compiled knowledge

from eons of collaboration.

Not just with each other, but with Creation itself.

This is what is re-emerging now,

as we have so successfully managed to  free ourselves

from our old bondage of self-delusion.

It is not the ” I” who will change the world.

It is the “we”,

as once we again remember the true art of co-creation.

A process best left to the ones

not trying to make an impression.

For it is not a task of doing.

It is a task of simply being.

A precious existence of joyful connectedness.

With one Self, and with All that is.

This is the ocean you are invited to dive fully into.

With no holds barred.


The end of an era

The end of an era.

An old world collapses

in a smoldering fire

of dreams gone awry.

But out of the ashes

new life arises.

The scorched earth supplying

a feast yet to be seen.

For the death and the birth

are closely related.

Like a newborn arriving

through the loins of the old.

We grieve for the old, for we see not the new.

But behold, it is here

in a shape yet undefined.

Our hearts feel the presence.

The outline of greatness.

Breathe in and rejoice.

Unto us it is born.


The emerging lightness of being

The emerging lightness of being

brings nourishment in the deepening night.

Do not fear the sensation of falling.

It is simply the vibration from your soul taking flight.

Unencumbered by the dismal thoughts of yesteryear,

you are free to reenter the NOW.

No more lagging behind your dreams,

but actually charging ahead, spurring them on.

This is what will bring you into full body contact with your soul.

For it is only thus intertwined you will find the way

to your haven of realisation.


You are the birthplace of the stars

Observing the unseen.

Reflecting on the unknown.

You are forever continuing the expansion of time and space.

Through you, the world emerges.

Through you, time emerges.

You are the birthplace of the stars.

Indeed, a whole microcosmos is expanding outwards from your heart.

And so it comes to pass that the new world arrives.

Through the inner channel of your wisdom.

The one that needs your full acceptance

to commence its outward expansion.

For you are the true creator.

The one that continues to define the boundaries,

or that there should be none at all.

For such are your powers.

Tremendous, yet fully dependent

on your independence from your old limitations.

So let go. Let flow.

There cannot be but an infinite flow of light emerging from your heart.

That is your true reason to be. This is your true reason to breathe.

Breathing life into it ALL. And so it is and so it will be. Thanks to you.


Love thyself

Love thyself.

That is the key.

Fill your cup with the love

that resides within you.

Allow this nectar to fill you up,

from the tips of your toes

to the deepest recesses of your heart.

You cannot change the world

if you do not nurture yourself.

So drink deeply of this inner reservoir.

It is your sacred sustenance.

Your true birthright.

Know that true love and compassion

cannot be shared if you do not

imbibe it yourself.