Expressions of light

Expressions of light.

That is what we are.

Single fragments

of the sacred spectrum.

Embodied within every one of us.

So find your voice.

Express your Self.

Let us sing

this bright new world

into existence.


Externals delight

Externals delight.

An endless blossoming

of manifestations

all emanating from

that wondrous garden

you have cultivated

so lovingly within.



Soul Invictus – video version


Soul Invictus

The celestial Sun is singing.

A pitch-perfect clarion call

intended to set ablaze

the Sun of your soul.

That small speck of light,

tucked away in the

deepest recesses of your heart.

So infinitesimal, yet invincible and immortal

making you the true star of the firmament.



Let your soul speak

Let your soul speak.

Let that incandescent inner voice ring out

and rip through the curtains of forgetfulness.

Remember, you are not merely a grain of sand.

You are the whole beach.

No longer here to act small,

but to be the Master

you already are.


Patterns of light appear – video version


Patterns of light appear

Patterns of light appear.

Luminous messengers

to all those adept

at cultivating their own inner light.

Be bold.

Be bright.

You are more than welcome to.


The Moon speaks

Hush, whispers the darkened Moon.

Can you hear the sound

of the incoming tide?

Time to loosen your moorings, dear ones.

Get ready to be lifted

to new and dizzying heights.







The Light arrives.

Flowing through

even the tiniest of cracks.

And so, you awaken.

Open your eyes.

Open your heart.

It is here.

You are home.