Reopening old doors

Dear friends!
We are going through a deep, global transition unlike anything we have ever witnessed before. Nothing and no-one is untouched by this. Seemingly overnight life as we knew it has been replaced by chaos and confusion, fear and loss for a huge number of people. So much of what was considered an important part of our daily lives has been stripped away. Our vulnerability has become so apparent. Both on a personal and a collective level.

What will emerge out of this? What choices will we make, both in the short term and after this crisis has passed? No one knows. But I for one feel a deep sense of optimism. I see this as an opportunity for us as a global community to reassess everything. Already, Mother Earth is breathing more freely because we humans have had to cease so many of our less beneficial activities. Perhaps this will help us all to realise what life CAN be if we allow ourselves to connect to what is important. Namely our own inner Self, and through that, reestablish a much needed connection to everyone and everything around us.

If we want this world to be a better place, we must start at home. In a very literal way. And now, we have been given the opportunity to do just that – on a massive scale. But we have also been given the opportunity to experience what it is like to live life as isolated beings, with little or no physical contact with others. One way to mitigate this, is to reach out to each other like this. To create spaces where we can come together online, to share, care and uplift each other when so much of what we are exposed to elsewhere, tries to do the opposite.

In addition to opening for comments here, I have also been guided to reopen my old blog, As many of you know, that is where I for many years shared all of my channeled messages. It was also the space where The Pond was born, a community of beautiful souls who shared their insights and their love for each other in so many ways. That space has been kept open as a library for all, both the messages and the comments, but it has been closed for any new sharings since April 2015. But now, I am opening the doors again for you to come and share there as well. I do not know how much I will be able to contribute directly, but if you feel the call, I do hope you will find the time to add your light there. Together, we can remind ourselves and this world that as ONE, we will come out of this in a way that will be beneficial for ALL. Including Mother Earth herself. Thank you for being right here, right now!

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha


One thought on “Reopening old doors

  1. Bente, glad you’re opening the old blog up! That was a cool community back in the “olden days” of ascension. 😉 I’m feeling exactly what you are, that this shift was desperately needed and I think many of us have been waiting and waiting for it, but who knew it would be so difficult? Looking forward to your blog posts. 🙂

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