An activation of Self

An activation of Self

brings awareness to All.

Your personal journey

is never a solitary one.

It affects the whole of Creation.

So do not dismiss

even the tiniest of insights.

It can help shift

an entire planet on its axis.

Dear friends! I know these images and words have touched many of you deeply. That became very obvious to me when I exhibited my work here in Oslo. During the exhibition, I was shown the importance of the energetic exchange between my work and the people who came to see it. It was very clear that they helped to activate something in each other, creating a whole new vibrational frequency.

I wish to initiate that same energetic co-creation and circulation here, by inviting you to comment, share the insights and reflections you get from my work. That way, the combined effect of our energies can deepen the impact we as ONE have on this world.

Another way to co-create with me is through a donation . I share my work freely, so I really appreciate it whenever I receive energetic support in the form of money. All contributions are welcome – whether they come in words or numbers!

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha/Bente 


Through the eyes of a newborn

In the blink of an eye,

everything changes.

As the old stories fade,

your vision clears.

Through the eyes of a newborn

with unblemished lenses,

you see the world around you

for the very first time.

You behold the beauty

of the untapped potential,

and rejoice in the knowledge

of what will become.

A new world is birthing,

bringing wonder and solace.

A new time is coming.

For One. For All.


Reclaim your sovereignty

Your stellar connection is ripping open

the stale membrane of forgetfulness

inviting you to divest yourself

of your old cloak of invisibility

and your vows of silence.

It is time to speak up.

It is time to step forward.

You are being called

to reclaim your sovereignty,

and to reinstate your Self

on the throne of Mastery.


The sweet song of your soul

The harmonious co-creation

commences when you heed

the calling from your heart.

Let the sweet song of your soul

soften the shrill voice of fear

emanating from your mind.

You are not here merely to survive.

You are here to blossom and thrive

in this wondrous garden of self-love.

Shifting the perspective

All the stars in the sky shift slightly

as you adjust your inner vision.

Seeing is believing, they say.

But now you know

that simply by being,

everything will be put into perspective.

There is no longer a need to feel small.

You finally know you are it all.


This painting is from the first series I made using water that was present in the room during my exhibition. It has been programmed with so much beautiful energy. Not just from the paintings and the visitors, but also from the sounds created by Seshen during our event.

The blessings of sharing

Dear friends! My exhibition is over, but it will never fade from my memory.  This was the very first time I had the opportunity to share my work in public. It literally felt like coming out of the closet for me. Or rather, out of the room I have been sitting in by myself, doing this sacred work since 2011. During these years, I have channeled hundreds of messages, and almost the same number of paintings. Many of them I have shared with the world, but it has all been shared online.

I was not sure how it would be to take my work out into world in such a direct and personal way that an exhibition really is. Especially since I wanted to make it clear to everyone that all the work I shared there, was channeled information. I knew that this was an important message to get across, but I also knew it was something that might rub some people the wrong way. I soon realized that I need not worry. In fact, the response I got from the very first day was such an overwhelming outpouring of love, I find it difficult to even describe it.

Every single day, I would have the most amazing conversations with total strangers who entered the gallery. The abundance of open hearts I have met during these last couple of weeks has filled me up with so much light, so much love and so much gratitude. It made me realize that we have so many kindred spirits all around us. So many beautiful souls, ready and waiting to share from their heart. They just need an invitation from you to connect.

Having this exhibition, has been a true journey of discovery for me. I have learned so much more about myself. About the impact my work has on others. But also about the impact others have on my work. Just feeling into how the energies in all of these paintings changed during the days they were shown in public has been quite an eye-opener. It is as if all of the people who have connected with my work have not only been activated by them. They have in return activated something within the paintings.

That became especially clear to me after the recital I gave in the gallery together with my dear friend Seshen. Seshen is a very talented artist, she uses crystal singing bowls and her voice to create a sacred soundscape. I also read some of my texts. Here are two short videos from that event.

During and after the performance, you could feel how something profound shifted in everyone present. Also in the paintings. It was as if they expanded, became even more alive. To me, this is such a powerful confirmation of the need for us all to begin to connect on a deeper level than before. We are here to come together. To share. From the heart. For when we do, we ignite something deep within each other. Something that cannot be ignited if we keep to ourselves.

So thank you to all the beautiful souls who have shared this experience with me! Thank you for helping me to open myself up. And thank you for allowing yourself to do the same. It has been magical in every way.  But there is so much more to come. For every single one of us. As the message I got a few days ago said it so clearly: “The end is the beginning.” 

I will use water that has been part of this exhibition to create new paintings. It is now vibrating  with all of these amazing energies. I will of course share them with you on this blog. Several of the paintings I exhibited have found new homes. But some of those I brought back home, will also get the opportunity to find a new custodian. I will offer a selection of these newly activated paintings for sale here.

And to those of you who did not have the opportunity to come and see my work, here is a small “virtual tour” from the gallery.

I am certain that this is not the last time I will share my work in this way. So hopefully we all get a new chance to meet each other soon. To share the same space, and to open our hearts to each other. What a blessing that will be!

With so much love and gratitude from me,