A drop of awareness

In the twinkling of an eye,

everything changes.

The Sun lets go of her moorings

and the Earth tilts on her axis.

A beautiful transition,

not something to be dreaded.

Rather, it is the fulfillment of a dream.

For it is your intention that sets the course,

your imagination that fills the sails.

And so, you are pushing away from the known shores

and entering into the vastness of Creation.

Here, one single drop of awareness

changes everything.

You are welcome to enter

this field of dreams.

It is the most fertile of places.

But only if you continue to irrigate it

with a limitless supply of no set notions

as to how things will grow here.

For that, it is best left

to the New Seeds themselves

to decide.




Embrace your Soular journey

Embrace your Soular journey.

Let the timeless gaze of the stars

be reflected from your eyes.

The Ancient Ones have your back

as your future Selves

look to you for support.

For it is in this Now

you plot the course

and choose the trajectory

for countless generations to come.





Solstice celebration

The awareness of the ending

is cascading through our veins.

Let us rejoice!

The turning point is here.

No more waiting for the right time.

It has arrived.

Together, we stand poised

between the being and the becoming.

The still point of manifestation.

Deep down, we all know.

The old must fall away

for the New to be born.

The time has come.

A crack has opened.

The shell is splitting.

Come, let us emerge.


Be clear about your light

Be clear about your light.

Be mindful of your focus.

For the light is always clear.

The opposition to it always less so.

It comes in a multitude of forms,

all designed to undermine

your very foundation.

But you are never powerless.

Your light cannot leave you.

It can only go where you direct it.

So ask yourself this:

What am I feeding with my fear?

Who is benefiting from my self-doubt?

Be mindful of your focus.

Be clear about your light.



The World is New

The World is New.

A brand New Space awaits you.

One that beckons for you

to come and explore it.

Expand it.

Engage it.

It is not for you to choose

to enter this Newness.

It is for you to allow it.

By letting go of ALL of your stories.

From the past.

The present.

And from the future.

For this is not a mere refurbishing.

This is a total restructuring

of everything.

So if you cannot grasp it,

all the better for it.

Only then will you be free

to become the one

you are meant to be.


I will have an exhibition in Oslo in 2019!

Dear friends!
I am so happy and proud to announce that I will have the first exhibition ever of my work in Oslo next year. From April 27. to May 9. I will show my work at Albin Art, a small gallery situated in the centre of Oslo. The exhibition will include both my paintings and a selection of my channeled words. Some of it I have already shared here, but I will also create new works. Currently, I am working on some larger formats that hopefully will be shown at the gallery. It is a very special process creating these larger paintings. I work sitting on the floor, so painting them is very much like going into meditation.

These larger paintings are up to 46X62 cm in size.

I am so looking forward to finally having the chance to sharing my work in public like this. It will be such a wonderful opportunity to not only show it, but also talk about it with others, as I will be in the gallery myself every day during the exhibition. So if you are in Oslo at the end of April/beginning of May next year, please come by Albin Art. I would so love to see you there!
With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

Exceptions to the rules is the new rule

Exceptions to the rules is the new rule

as old instructions no longer apply.

Any restrictions have long since exceeded

their statute of limitation,

and are fading away into obscurity.

Allow the dismantling of the obvious,

by avoiding putting your own priorities

in your way.

You cannot choose freedom.

You can only BE free.

For freedom is not a choice.

It is a way of living.