Thank you!

On the morning of August 16 six years ago, my life changed completely. That is when I received the first installment of what would grow into a huge volume of channeled messages. Messages I just knew I was meant to share with the world. First as words, later also as paintings. I was a self-employed graphic designer at that time, doing work that I really enjoyed. But before lunch, I had sent out an email to all of my clients telling them I was no longer able to work for them. And so, I walked away from my old life. It was the most monumental decision I have ever made. But also the easiest one. For I simply could not NOT do it.

My life has been such an amazing journey ever since that day. A  journey I have been blessed to share with so many others. First of all with my beloved sister, my amazing, brave, funny, wise and wonderful twin soul and companion Lisbeth. But along the way, I have met countless other shining souls all over the world. Some of you I have been fortunate to meet in person, others I have connected with in spaces like this. I want to thank every single one of you for all of the LIFE you have added to my life. Thank you for all of the wisdom, all of the love, all of the laughter, all of the tears, all of the inspiration and all of the courage you have shared with me. Thank you for daring to be YOU, and for sharing it with me and with this wonderful world of ours. For that is why we are here 🙂

With eternal gratitude and joy from me,


The lion’s roar

The lion’s roar

reverberates through the Cosmos

calling forth

the collapse of the old

as it breathes life into the new.


The gate is open

inviting you to step through

away from your

old shadow

and into the brightness

of your own true light.



A sacred journey

Dear friends! My sister and I have just returned from a sacred journey to the Jotunheimen area in Norway. It is a place we have been drawn to again and again to do gridwork. This time, it felt like it was the completion of all of this “groundwork” we have been doing there and across the Atlantic over the last few years.

The trip came up on short notice, as we realized only a few days in advance that we had to travel up to the Bygdin/Gjende area to prepare for the Full Moon meditation on July 9. For not only is this area energetically connected to Thingvellir and Iceland, the place we connect to on every full moon, it is also linked to Mt Shasta and the Pacific North West of the USA. We have literally been carrying and exchanging water and crystals to and from all of these places, setting up energetic pathways, and now, it was time to activate “our” part of this grid system.

I have been told it is all a part of the global preparation for the August 21 solar eclipse, a work that includes many, many lightworkers all over this planet. (Sandra Walter have shared more about this eclipse and the preparations for it here.)

For us, it was a truly profound experience. Not only is it an awe-inspiring area to BE in, we were also blessed with amazing weather. For most of the trip, we were surrounded by heavy rain, but we had sunshine and countless rainbows accompanying us . Mother also gifted us with several pieces of beautiful golden quartz we used to set up our sacred circles, and we had close encounters with reindeer and grouse. It was – and is – such a huge gift to be a small part of this truly world-wide endeavour! With eternal love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha/Bente ❤ ❤